Supreme Court orders on SSC CGL 2016 Exam Cancellation

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👉 👉 writ petition (Civil) 31/2017 -  Mukesh Kumar Vs Staff Selection Commission & Ors
👉 👉 writ petition (Civil) 32/2017 -  Urvashi Vs Staff Selection Commission & Ors
👉 👉 writ petition (Civil) 33/2017 - Yogesh Kumar Vs Staff Selection Commission & Ors

All the petition clubbed together and represented by Mr. Prashant Bhushan, Adv. Mr. Aishwarya Bhati, Adv. Ms. Priya Sharma, Adv. Mr. Anuj Saxena, Adv. Mr. Prathvi Raj Chauhan, Adv. Mr. Arjun Sain, Adv. Ms. Kirty Agarwal, Adv. Ms. Manju Jetley, Adv. 
For the Staff Selection Commission, it was represented by Ms. Binu Tamta, Adv. Mr. Anirudh P. Mayee, Adv. Ms. Rashmi Malhotra, Adv. Mr. Mukesh Kumar Maroria, Adv. Mr. Ravinder Agarwal, Adv.

The case is listed in the court 8 times. Last date of hearing was 20.04.2017 
Brief Facts of the case -
1. Petitioners prayed to the court  for cancellation of whole exam (Tier I + Tier II) due to irregularity during Exam. Many centres' have problem in computer or server and mishandling of examination process.
2. SSC lawyers admitted this fact and said that it was fault at sify's ( Online Exam Conducting Agency) end.
3. Supreme Court No. 7 Judges Hon'ble Mr. Justice Kurian Joseph and Hon'ble Mrs. Justice R. Banumathi were responsive towards Petitioners side.
4. They ordered enquiry and investigation through a committee of two former supreme court Judge Hon'ble Mr. Justice Anil R. Dave and Hon'ble Mr. Justice G. S. Singhvi.
5. This committee will examine the evidence in the form of CCTV footage of 34 centers and Video recording and will submit the confidential report to the court.
6. Petitioners lawyer didn't ask for any stay, only asked to cancel the whole exam. If the report will go against SSC then court will give immediate stay  on SSC CGL 2016 Exam process.
7. Solicitor General of India was present at the hearing. Hon'ble Court rejected the Petitioners request to investigate 07 more centers. Investigation Committee has asked more time to finalize and submit the report. 
8. Next date of hearing in the case is 9th May 2017.

Court Orders of 20th April 2017 Court Proceedings 
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We suggest you that without being panic, wait for 05th May 2017 court proceedings on SSC CGL 2016 Examination. We will update you with the Supreme Court orders on 05th May 2017. 

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